Craft and its' many distinct forms and diverse materials, all have a common thread... a special hand-made piece that brings function to the caring hand; pleasure to others and a sense of accomplishment to those who have created them.

"Weaving - a fibre art in which two distinctive sets of threads are interlaced with each other at right angles to form a fabric or cloth...."

Cheryl Sheridan has been creating handwoven pieces for a little over sixteen years. She and her husband, Terry, live just outside of Collingwood on a lovely country farm with an 1860's barn studio.

Her addiction to weaving began with a floor loom on the side of the road with a "free" sign hanging precariously from the unloved piece. Now, Cheryl boasts a collection of more than 20 looms, all with an inspired purpose in mind.

A recent addition to The Barn Studio is Circular Sock Knitting! A collection of vintage sock knitting machines ranging from 1860's - 1924, as well as a reproduction model dated 2013.

Both Cheryl and Terry enjoy the creative process. Terry is an accomplished blacksmith whose pieces are primarily historical. Axes, adzes, forged pans, and tools.

There is always something to see at The Barn Studio..... drop by to see the museum quality collection....