Alpaca/Merino Rugs

I recently had the opportunity to weave two 5' x 8' alpaca/merino rugs for a store in Grand Rapids, Ohio. Cyndi owns and operates Natural Yarn & Fiber Company... well, raises the alpacas and also mills the fiber, too! A chance meeting at her store earlier in the Spring, a long discussion about fibre and weaving and as luck would have it, a business proposition!

A local B & B undergoing renovations requested Cyndi's rugs to don the floors in some of the rooms. Unfortunately, the size was a little too much for the looms available. That's where I come in! Cyndi recalled, I have a 60" loom and quickly contacted me to see if I could help her out!

What a pleasure it was to weave these two rugs. The hand-dyed alpaca/merino is absolutely soft and cushy. I would definitely love setting my feet down on one of these babies, as I climb out of bed in the morning!