New Workshops Added!

Hi Folks,

After a summer of family responsibilities, new grandbabies, and new buildings...whew, I'm back in the saddle and offering the line-up of Fall & Early Winter Workshops.

It's September, and the weather is starting to cool. Kids are back at school, why not take a page from their book, and learn something new, too!

Handweaving is one of those homestead crafts that were a necessity of farm life. Weaving however, dates back to Neolithic age if not more! Today, more and more folks are enjoying the art/craft as a creative outlet; something that is private and solitary for quiet time or can be a blast with a group!

In some cases, space is very limited; for others, there is room for 8 - 10 people! Grab your friends and make a crafty day for yourselves! Do not delay, as it seems, the "fastest fingers" get in first!

Enjoy the day, in a warm and cozy renovated, but locally built 1860's barn - the smell of pine and woodfire will have you coming back to just hang out!

The new line up of workshops can be found under the "EVENTS" tab on the home page!

Any questions, feel free to contact me, Cheryl,

Looking forward to seeing you back at The Barn!