Weave A Rag Rug Workshop

Come weave with me!

Make your home come alive with this unique, one of a kind rag rug! The Rag Rug, an old homesteading tradition, is not only stylish but also, functional. Rag rugs are generally made from leftover scarps of fabric or old tattered clothes or bedsheets....sooo, rags basically! They are not limited to these materials as some weavers use new cotton fabrics available from fabric stores.

It's a great way to upcycle and repurpose though and have fun weaving it!

Looms are pre-dressed. No experience is necessary. Bring your own materials or for an additional fee of $25, new material can be provided.

Saturday, August 21st
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Lug a lunch

Limited to 3 participants

Contact Cheryl at info@thebarnstudio.ca to register