Blue Diamonds Mobius Scarf *SOLD*

Blue Diamonds Mobius Scarf  *SOLD*

This lovely mobius scarf is comprised of a soft, silky-feel, wood-pulp product called, Lyocell. The trademark name of Tencel. Tencel has the luxurious feel and look of Silk without the expense.... your friends will be envious of this piece!

Hand-painted and then handwoven on a 24 shaft loom, in hues of baby blue, indigo and lavender, with a weft of navy blue mercerized cotton. Hand-painted and hand-dyed pieces truly are one of a kind! Colours can be replicated (almost), but never in the same place! This will be a unique to you only, piece.

Handwash is recommended


To inquire/purchase: contact Cheryl

Price: $85.00 CAD